Whether you are expecting a new born baby or more aware of your environmental surroundings; green cleaning is in and trending.  It is not difficult to see why people are moving away from the supermarket cleaning products that are expensive, can contain harmful cleaning chemicals and are not so great for the environment.  Many common house cleaning products on the market can be triggers for asthmatic sufferers, products such as chlorine bleach, air fresheners and cleaning sprays can aggravate symptoms and exacerbate the problem.  It can also have ill effects on non-asthma sufferers with young children, pets and senior citizens most vulnerable to the harmful toxins and free radicals.  Even professional cleaners are having to adapt to natural products with increasingly more and more people opting for green cleaning products when obtain cleaning quotes.  In today’s modern society, people are more informed, more health conscious and are making decisions to take control of their health and lifestyle.

Get familiar with green ingredients

There are many natural ingredients that can be used in and around the home.  In fact, you probably already have some of these ingredients in the pantry.  Get familiar with them and the best part is, they won’t cost a fortune.  Here are just a few favourites:

  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon / Lime
  • Bar of soap
  • Essential oil
  • Soda water

Invest in citrus trees

It is worth potting a few different citrus trees in the garden.  Lemon, lime and oranges have terrific grease cutting power.  Making the investment early will allow the tree to establish and flowers to bloom, leading to fruits and potential cost savings.

Be experimental

There are many concoctions using natural cleaners all over the internet, with time, you will understand which ingredients are best used for what stains.  Don’t be afraid to combine different ingredients together and build on your repertoire.  Trial and error is the key to mastering a green home.

Introduce cleaners gradually

Change is best adapted when it is slowly introduced; removing all your cleaners at once and going green overnight will only end in disaster.  Begin by removing everyday cleaners like all-purpose surface sprays and glass cleaners with a more natural spray bottle you have concocted.

Make it easier for yourself

Be organized, have different spray bottles for different cleaning purposes and know where your ingredients are.  Have your recipes in a location where everyone can see so it is easy for others to follow in case it runs out.  Make extra and store it in empty refill bottles in case you need a refill.