Basics in Cleaning

Learning the basics of cleaning is very important. There are steps involved in cleaning and this article will highlight some of these steps e.g. dusting, vacuuming, mopping, disinfecting, deodorizing.

  1. Dusting

Allergies to dust come as a result of dust mite excrement. Dust mites are microscopic bugs found in dust that eat the skin flakes. Allowing dust provides dust mites with plenty of food to build up in your home and then reproduce. The increased dust mite population produces more and more dust mites and allergens. It is an endless cycle.

Dusting up high is a great way to remove dust from a room. This allows loose dust to fall onto lower surfaces, giving you an opportunity to clean it up properly. Do not flick the dust into the air or stir up the dust; make sure you wipe it off in long strokes and keep it on your dust cloth.


  1. Vacuuming

Vacuuming will help to remove dirt from the surface of the carpet easily without damaging it. Regular removal of dirt from the surface of the carpet will help to prevent it from becoming duller over time. Vacuuming your carpet isn’t time consuming, and doing it once a week can help to maintain your carpet and make it feel soft and clean.


  1. Mopping

Standard mopping practice is to use the dry mop to first wipe off dust, hair, and debris in your floor. After which, a wet mop is used to apply water or a chemical cleaner. The wringer is then used to make removing the dirty water from the mop less stressful. During the mopping process, ensure to post the floor signs to prevent injuries while cleaning.

To clean your floor you should begin at one end of the room down to your walk way in. Mop the floor using a figure eight pattern – this will keep the dust and the mop head moving towards you, preventing it from spreading outward into the air.


  1. Disinfecting

A disinfectant is a chemical agent that is used to reduce the number of microorganisms on different surfaces. They can be categorized into groups by spectrum of activity, mode of action or chemical nature. They work by oxidizing the germs and disrupting their cell walls. Floor disinfecting solution shouldn’t be sprayed close to children to avoid inhalation and exposing the eyes and skin..


  1. Deodorizing

Improper carpet cleaning will make dirt and residue build up, producing strange smell from the carpet. And, the unpleasant odor can be a serious issue. If you need something to thoroughly fix this problem, you need to use a carpet cleaner. Some deodorizers and carpet cleaners are formulated with natural substances for those interested in chemical-free carpet cleaning. Some deodorizers are specifically formulated to deal with tough odors like the ones emanating from constant smoking in the room or from mold formation.

More so, it is recommended that you engage in a regular habit of cleaning your carpets. This way, you will be preventing tough odors from ever occurring.