Angela MolesĀ 

Professor in the School of BEES, UNSW
My main research projects are:

  • Quantifying global patterns in plant ecological strategy (e.g. the World Herbivory Project)
  • The advantages of clonal vs sexual reproduction
  • Rapid evolution in introduced species

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Claire Brandenburger

PhD student (part time, from February 2012)

Topic: Rapid evolution in introduced species

E-mail: claire.brandenburger [at]

Anjela Chan

Manager - started August 2012

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Julia Cooke

Global patterns in leaf form

Email: cooke.julia [at]

Rhiannon Dalrymple
PhD student, started July 2011

PhD: Patterns of flower colour diversity across communities

Honours thesis title: Does celibacy leave you stuck in the past? Determining whether morphological change is slower in asexual than sexual invasive plants.

Rhiannon's cosupervisor is Darrell Kemp (Macquarie)

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Floret Meredith

PhD student - started March 2013

Thesis topic: plant defences on islands